At Little Miss Robot we’re always aiming to balance efficiency with creativity, both in the products we make and the way we work.

FLOW is our own internal library which allows us to easily create detailed wireframes, without being to restrictive. We use this as a starting point to keep everything efficient & consistent, but they still encourage creativity and some custom work. No pre-made templates ;)

Save Time on your projects

Opening sketch and setting up a new project with all new symbols is a thing of the past. FLOW takes care of that for you. With a vast amount of buttons, input fields, labels, image-placeholders, arrows and other symbols you can start creating virtually anything from the get-go and saving a lot of time in the process.

Use it as a library

FLOW works especially great as a sketch library. Together with it's little brother: FLOW icons ( more about that later ) we load it as an assets library for all our projects. Making sure we have a single source of truth for all our wireframing needs.

Works great with sketch runner

We're big fans of the amazing sketch runner plugin for sketch, so off course we made sure that FLOW works great with Sketch Runner. Insert any symbol with lightning speed and take your wireframing to the next level.

So many smart symbols

We've spent a lot of time optimising our symbol to make sure they behave and play well together. Use sketch symbol overrides to easily change the colour, icon, etc of our symbols and customise the look & feel of your wireframes to fit your style.

But wait, there's more!

We like icons, a lot! They play an important role in user interface design and are a vital part of our wireframes. So we took some time to convert over 900 google material design icons into a usable sketch file.

We keep these icons in a separate sketch-file to optimise sketch's performance. But it's completely compatible with our FLOW master file.


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